Investor Process

Become an accredited investor and seize all opportunities that come with tokenized assets.

Client Process

Apply to become a client and list the tokenized assets in your portafolio.

Tokenizing Real World Assets


Tokenized art essentially provides fractional ownership of pieces of art. When you buy art tokens it is similar to shares: you own a part of it. Everybody can do business with those assets. Artists, Museums, Investors and other institutions benefit economically.

Real Estate

Safely purchase property across borders. Foster seamless purchase of international real estate online. Smart contracts fuel the registry designed to track and execute real-estate transactions. Blockchain ensures once you buy tokens, nobody can erase your ownership.

Cargo Shipments

Smart contracts to permanently land and securely define the bill of lading, payment terms and others. A tradable token pays for transaction fees and eliminates spam on the decentralized system. Storage of the bill of lading and other documents are secured using blockchain or the IPSF protocol.


Digital tokens are offered by the owner to the public representing ownership of gold. Token buyers would know they’re the only person who has received the token. Anyone who proves ownership through a digital signature can redeem the gold.

Meet compliance needs with battle-tested infrastructure

Trusted solution for KYC-AML, Regulation D & Regulation S. Verify investors in every country, with custom-built flows for the top 20 jurisdictions.

Investor KYC-AML Accreditation Investment
7THx89 Verified Pending $75000
7THx65 Verified Expired $50,000
7THx91 Verified Verified $25,000Mark as complete

Your Guaranteed Allocation Expires in

5 hrs 20 mins

TCH Wallet

Up to $35,0000 TCH


Up to $50,0000 TCH


Up to $50,0000 TCH

How much do you want to invest?

Easily handle payments

Seamlessly facilitate payments, regardless of whether you want to manage your own funds or you want to avoid custodying crypto.

Token Sale Manager Pricing
  • Basic Token Sale Management Tools
  • Basic Compliance (KYC/AML + Reg D)
  • 24-hour Support
$9,500 base fee + per investor charges
  • Advanced Token Sale Management Tools
  • Basic Compliance (KYC/AML + Reg D)
  • Reg S Compliance
  • Payments
  • 24-hour Support
Everything you need to manage a successful sale
Token Sale Management Tools
  • Investor whitelisting
  • Pre-sale allocation requests
  • Investment allocation controls
  • Secure hosting of issuer documentation including white-papers and investor agreements.
  • Integrated document signing for purchase agreements and SAFT’s
  • Investor analytics, segment by geography, entity type, verified status
  • Collect wallet addresses for post-sale token distribution
Bank Grade Compliance
  • Audited KYC/AML Solution including OFAC watch-list scan
  • Selfie Verification
  • State & Country level blocking capabilities
  • Regulation D & Regulation S support in over 20 jurisdictions
  • Team of licensed attorneys and CPAs to review verify investor accreditation status.
  • Accreditation based on income, net-worth, or crypto asset holdings.
  • Dedicated THX account manager to setup and support your team before during and after your sale.
  • 24-hour investor support via chat and email
  • Securely accept BTC & ETH payments with randomized wallet generation that avoids phishing schemes, you control your private keys
  • Multi-Sig wallet support