About Immediate Thorenext

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Immediate Thorenext – The Beginning

The founder of Immediate Thorenext was one of the early adopters and investors in Bitcoin. He had believed the technology was something different, and a solution to the many hitches that existed in the existing global economy and financial systems. While revolutionary technology like Bitcoin had already been invented, he wanted to take things to the next level by making Bitcoin trading mainstream for everyone.

He began working on the platform but did not have anyone else to share the work with him. That’s why the progress was pretty slow. A brief chat with a new online friend revealed to him that there was someone else who shared the same dream as him. Along with his new friend, he paced up his work on Immediate Thorenext and it had become evident after a few months that something was definitely in the making. The first test of the completed code of the platform was performed in 2017.

In the beginning, Immediate Thorenext looked a lot like the existing trading platforms for conventional assets like commodities and stocks. However, the duo was quick to make the much-needed changes and bring the platform in a shape that was up-to-date and acceptable to new and modern traders. At the start of 2018, the platform had started to work as intended.

Immediate Thorenext – The Mission

The mission is to create a team that works toward the same vision of keeping the platform trader-friendly and letting every layperson explore the significance and importance of Bitcoin and other thousands of crypto assets. All the steps the team takes on a daily basis are focused on this same mission.

Immediate Thorenext – The Mission

Immediate Thorenext – The Vision

Immediate Thorenext aims to be that platform that a person who knows nothing about Bitcoin trading can join and within days of being on the platform starts feeling that they know a lot. It wants to show every interested trader that Bitcoin trading is not the forbidden tree or some secret knowledge that they can’t access or understand. With this platform, the team wants to create a shared stage where each trader, regardless of their experience, can come and try their trading skills the way they want.